Idea of the project is to present to local people fusions of folk music from our regions (V4) with other music genres as a serious music, jazz, rock or electronic dance music. This combination should work in both direction bring fans of different kinds of music to the original root music from their lands and neighbours as well as to show character of folk music that it can be successfully combined with other genres. Folk music has a power to connect and teach people of various generations.

The festival is focusing on all ages. Big success will be not only connecting fans of different kinds of artistic speechbut also start intergenerational dialog. The festival is planned as a “moving event”, in every town involved in the project will take placeoneday concert of those artists: Gooral (Poland, combining electronic music, drum’n’bass and dubstep with ethnic highland style music), Jitka Šuranská Trio (Czech Republic, the traditional fiddlers music influenced by contemporary music), Paprika Paprika (Hungary, music based on the hungarian folk of Moldva, ancient hungarian region in Transylvania, and the energy of punk spiced with some experimental influences), Považan (Slovakia, combination elements of folk with rock and jazz). Each country/region/city is represent by one artist. The project includes four days festival in relevant city:

Považská Bystrica: 24.9.2016 (Saturday), openair,
Śrem: 17.9.2016 (Saturday), openair,
Rožnov p/R: 8.10.2016 (Saturday), indoor,
Körmend: 30.10.2016 (Sunday), openair.


Mesto Povážská BystricaMesto Považská Bystrica

Měsro Rožnov p.R.Město Rožnov pod Radhoštěm

Körmend Körmend